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1 We Shine
2 Ain't Life Sweet
3 Mr. Mongo
4 Sunset Blvd
5 Do A Kickflip
6 Cops 'N' Robbas
7 Days Like This
8 Lady in the Dress
9 L.A. Nights
10 Blue Dream

About Album

‘Mid90s’ is an album / music story by Hewie Lou based on his teenage years and the way he found a home in skateboarding and the culture. This is where Hewie Lou found his love for 90s hip hop, and where his sound today was created. A beat tape perhaps even Dilla himself would be proud of 🐐 Hewie Lou pairs juicy boom-bap beats with sultry jazzy licks… tune in for some top grade hip-hop beats!


Release Date

June 23, 2023