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1 Brocken Spectre
2 Issyk Kul
3 Domain of Light
4 The Floods
5 Storms
6 Liminality
7 The Swarms
8 Apathy
9 Wrestling With The Angel
10 Flourish

About Album

‘Senescence’, the cinematic masterpiece of a debut album from Just Big Hills has arrived.
From top to bottom, this project acts as an enigmatic soundtrack, and an alluring display of versatile and unique soundscapes from the Dutch based producer and multi-instrumentalist. Expect a blend of broken beats, electronica and evocative synth-work all interwoven into masterful full length album.

The best albums are those that deserve to be listened to uninterrupted from start to finish… Senescence is certainly one of those albums!


Release Date

August 25, 2023