College Music Presents: Back on Track – 2xLP Clear 12″ Vinyl


2xLP Clear 12″ Vinyl Record (33rpm)



‘College Music Presents: ‘Back on Track’ is a twenty nine track compilation featuring original music from artists and producers the world over. ‘Back on Track’ aims to act as a beacon of hope after a tricky few years across the world. We invited some of the very best producers we know to create something that reflected a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, and the end result is a wide array of uplifting vibes, from instrumental beats and jazzy joints to euphoric vocal breakbeats and lo-fi house, featuring the likes of Tennyson, Cookin Soul, Athletic Progression, L’indécis, Conor Albert and a lot more.


The artwork itself, done by the incredible Doug John Miller ( reflects the journey from the darker, lockdown days to present day and beyond, where things are looking far brighter. We aimed to represent this positive shift in the music selected within the project, hoping to offer a glimmer of light to people in their dark days.


The project title ‘Back on Track’ reflects how things have come off the rails in the past few years, but that better times are on the way, and as a collective, we are gradually getting ‘Back on Track’.


Block out the noise and keep enjoying the music x


Side A
1. Nico Harris & anu – Unstable
2. Conor Albert – Golden Hour
3. Pastel & Parthenope – Papaya
4. niquo – Dove
5. tender spring & Webmoms – Beta
6. Natty Reeves – Early Bird
7. Sam Weber – Canopy
8. Athletic Progression – Canteen Culture

Side B
9. Stan Lodge & James Mollison – Coming & Going
10. Ian Ewing, L’Indécis & Soul Food Horns – Vilano
11. Cookin Soul & FS Green – Rooftop
12. – Smoke No Good
13. Phlocalyst & Hoffy Beats – Wishful Thinking
14. ØDYSSEE & Lazlow – Naya
15. AJMW – Stay Healthy

Side C
16. Tennyson – Innerspace
17. Allem Iversom – Undone, Again.
18. Team Astro – 30 Years From Now
19. Gustav Gustav & Jhove – I Might
20. hnylmn – Nectarine Dreams
21. Chromonicci – Sunkissed
22. Nokiaa & Nofeels – Crystal Dust

Side D
23. edbl & JPRK – No Worries
24. j a r j a r j r – Honey Caturra
25. Dwyer & Mom Tudie – Right Knee
26. Meslo – Summer Love
27. Culpeo – Final Lap
28. Towerz & Lhasa Petik – Fall From You
29. Nico Harris, anu & Sariah Rowe – Stable

Total length: 1h 15m


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