College Music Presents: In The Loop – Gatefold 2xLP White 12″ Vinyl


2xLP White 12″ Vinyl Record (33rpm).

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‘In The Loop’ in its full glory, in the format we truly meant for it to be enjoyed. From immersive narration and the incredible attention to detail in the artwork, to a carefully curated, continuous mix of all twenty eight original tracks included ‘In The Loop’. ‘In The Loop’ is a collection of twenty eight tracks from some of the world’s most loved producers, including the likes of Apollo Brown, Eric Lau, Tall Black Guy, Evil needle and FloFilz. The two hour project spans jazztronica, experimental beats and a healthy sprinkling of smooth vocals.


In The Loop is based within a theme park, and you can see the full immersive visuals via the College Music YouTube page. This double gatefold vinyl makes for a spectacular addition to any record collection, with music up there among the very best available within this genre-scope.


Artwork and design by the incredible Lewy Jones.


Available for immediate dispatch –


Side A
1. Mr Cutts – Loving You
2. Jitwam – Fukswityu
3. Mylo Mott – Thru the Phone
4. Dwyer – Potato Peeler Blunt
5. Vooo – The Great Beyond
6. apltn – Splash
7. G Mills – Whirl

Side B
8. Shopan – Toki
9. Eric Lau – Back Aligned
10. FloFilz – Finistère
11. Apollo Brown – Glimpse
12. Quinn Oulton – Jump
13. Evil Needle & Venuz Beats – Bliss
14. Makzo, Mama Aiuto & Sam Pomanti – Moon Patrol

Side C
15. DESH & Nico Harris – Aesthetics
16. Cumulus Frisbee – Triangulator
17. Teeze – Floatatious
18. Kalaido – Summoning Bell
19. Hemai & Buddy Analogue – Jaywalk For Pleasure
20. TAMBALA – Coconut Sly
21. Don Papa 海賊 – The Merry-Go-Round

Side D
22. Anatole Muster, Andris Mattson & Çağrı Sertel – Cable Car
23. Relyae – Take Time
24. Sem0r – Peppermint
25. Kissamilé – Resilience
26. Keeth – Gemstone
27. Tall Black Guy – My Freedom Travel (Pharaoh’s Spirit) [feat. BeMyFiasco, Ozay Moore & Kyotey Grey]
28. Oliver Crosby – Time of Day

Total run time: 1h 15m 39s

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