edbl beats vol. 2 by edbl – Limited Edition Wine Red 12″ Vinyl


12” Wine Red Color Vinyl Record (33 rpm)

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edbl beats vol.2 has arrived on wax!

For the first time ever, you can get your hands on edbl’s music on a beautiful wine coloured vinyl.

Tune in for some of the finest instrumental Hip-Hop, featuring some the UK’s hottest production talent, including the likes of Conor Albert, Mom Tudie and more.

You don’t want to miss the vinyl exclusive track ‘atm’ – it’s a special one!


Side A
1. Riff Boxpark Croydon
2. Spanish Backstage
3. Avery (feat. Mom Tudie)
4. Poker Thursdays
5. University of Manchester
6. Nightfall (feat. Otis Ubaka)
7. ml3

Side B
8. Taxi Driver (feat. Mr Cutts)
9. Sweet Wurli (feat. Conor Albert)
10. Inside (feat. Amalie Bryde)
11. Your Ends
12. Breakfast in Bed (feat. Joe Bae)
13. Argent
14. Dissociate (feat. Stand Lodge)
15. Atm – Bonus Track

Total length: 51m 11s


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