Overcome by Oribu – Custom Two-Toned 12″ Vinyl


Custom Two-Toned 12″ Vinyl Record (33rpm)



Italian duo Oribu present to you their first vinyl LP: Overcome.

Overcome represents an exciting new direction for Oribu, as their sound develops and matures. Branching from lo-fi hip hop into smooth electronica, Overcome offers is an inviting, personal listening experience, and a perfectly structured album to listen to in full on wax.

The vinyl is a custom two-tone design, different on each side.


Side A
1. Chapter I
2. Come to Stay
3. Bless You
4. Uncomfortable
5. What Was Missing
6. Draw a Line

Side B
7. How to Sleep Well
8. Run in Circles
9. Ibis
10. Speak Easy (feat. Lorenzo Taddei)
11. Loose
12. Nonelude

Total length: 34m 44s


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