We support and encourage content creators to use College Music Records releases. All we ask is that you follow the follow the steps outlined below.

How do I know which tracks are College Music Records?

All of our releases are distributed to a wide variety of platforms – including Spotify, Apple Music, BandCamp. We also upload every release to our YouTube Channel – however this may not always include the full album or a track by track order of the release. For example, we may share a mini-mix of an album instead.

If you’ve found the track/album on Spotify or Apple Music – you can double check by looking at the ℗ P-Line. If it says “College Music Records” then that’s us!

You can find our whole discography as the following sites:



Apple Music

We also have a playlist over on our YouTube Page, however this does not cover the full discography.

How do I credit the song(s) I use properly?

For example, for Karuna’s track, Melon, you would need to credit it like so:

Song | Karuna – Melon

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5mJUVPMOEkte4EqzMNx2Z6?si=Xu_vAVv_SnSPcverYkr9sQ
Download/Stream → https://collegemusic.lnk.to/melon
Released by College Music: https://youtube.com/collegemusic
Spotify / Apple Music: https://collegemusic.co.uk/listen

Please make sure to always include:

    • At least one social link to the artist – preferably a Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud link. You can find these in the description of our videos.
    • The download/stream link. This will also be included in the description of our videos – if you’re unable to find this, please copy the Spotify / Apple Music / store  link to the track/album instead. This link may be different for the same artist (for example, if it’s a separate single/EP release) so please make sure to check.

If you are using our music on a live-stream, please put the following in your stream description:

Music provided by College Music Records:
YouTube: https://youtube.com/collegemusic
Spotify / Apple Music: https://collegemusic.co.uk/listen

When using our music on your livestream, you must display the artist and/or track name on your stream – you can do this using a variety of tools, a popular one is called Snip, which has compatibility with a wide range of music players such as Spotify & iTunes.

We have the right to object to the use of our music on any content that we deem unacceptable to be associated with. This includes, but is not limited to: hate speech, illegal content, sexually themed content, etc.


Where can I use the music? + -

Our releases are free to use for independent creators and their UGC (User Generated Content). As long as you follow our crediting policy, you can use the music in your content on platforms YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Instagram etc.

Can I monetise my video if I've used a CM Records Release? + -

Yes – but please make sure you follow the guidelines above.

How can I download your music? + -

All of our releases can be downloaded directly via our BandCamp Page – this will allow you to access and download the files at the highest quality formats. However, we put a small price on this – as this supports our artists. Some of our releases are free to download (name your price) so they won’t always incur a charge.

I received a copyright claim when using your music! + -

If you have received a claim, and credited according to the guidelines, this may be a fraudulent claim. Please send us an email here and we’ll look into it.

Can I use an CM Records Release in a promotional video for my product, service or commercial brand? + -

CM Records Releases used in commercial content requires a Commercial License Agreement before a track can be used in this way.

If you want to license a track for a commercial project, get in touch with us here.

Can I re-distribute or commercially re-release your music or a without licensing the use of the track? + -

No – Just like any record label, CM Records owns the copyright to our releases and specific permission is required. You are not permitted to distribute our music to any stores like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play etc. Likewise, you are not allowed to sample, edit, remix, add lyrics or alter the original compositions in any way or form.

How can I submit a demo? + -

All demos for potential label release or playlist feature consideration should be sent to us via our submissions email.

I have another question that isn't answered here! + -

Drop us a line at contact@collegemusic.co.uk or via the form below and we’ll try our best to answer it!

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